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What Are Promo Credits on IMVU?
over 3 years ago

Promo credits, likewise called "predits" for short, are an exceptional kind of credits you can procure and spend on the IMVU site. IMVU gift card generator also helps to get free IMVU credits. In contrast to standard credits, which are acquired utilizing genuine cash, promo credits can be earned for nothing, enabling you to basically get free things for your IMVU symbol.


Winning Promo Credits


You win 1,000 promo credits basically by making another record on IMVU, and 500 more by checking your email address in the wake of making your record.


You can likewise gain extra promo credits by performing explicit activities, for example, welcoming your companions to go along with you on IMVU through the official referral program, "preferring" IMVU on Facebook, introducing the IMVU toolbar, downloading the IMVU application to your iPhone or taking an interest in accomplice offers.


You can generally locate a rundown of all the present approaches to procure promo credits by floating over the "Credits" catch in the menu at the highest point of the IMVU site and clicking "Win Credits." 


Spending Promo Credits

Promo credits are spent precisely like typical credits. While signed in to the IMVU site, you can see your present measure of promo credits in the data bar at the highest point of each page. Peruse through the IMVU thing index; when you discover a thing you like, basically tap the "Purchase Now" catch.




On the off chance that you have both typical credits and promo credits and buy a thing, ordinary credits will be spent first; you might have the capacity to utilize promo credits to buy things on the off chance that you have no typical credits.


Moreover, you can't exchange promo credits to an alternate record, use them to play recreations, use them to purchase things as a present for another client, use them to purchase yell outs, or use them to purchase music.


In the event that you are a substance maker, you can't utilize promo credits to pay the submitting expense when you transfer a thing to the IMVU list.




Promo credits can be a decent method to begin on IMVU. Utilizing promo credits, you can get a few things for your symbol for nothing and discover what IMVU resembles without spending any genuine cash. This enables you to settle on an educated choice on whether you need to buy any typical credits.


In any case, the confinements on what you can do with promo credits, just as the way that ordinary credits are constantly spent first, guarantees that you should burn through cash to completely take an interest in the IMVU people group.

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